Epping Forest District Neighbourhood Watch

Registered Charity Number 1168988

Why us?

The main aim of Neighbourhood Watch is to reduce the level of crime and encourage a ‘neighbourly’ spirit.

Alan Johnson from Neighbourhood Watch in Essex said: “Neighbourhood Watch provides a great opportunity for people to get involved in their communities, create a strong local spirit and crucially help keep their community safe.”

A well functioning NHW group will allow you to:

Ensure elderly and vulnerable people are OK.

Encourage neighbours to be aware when a neighbour’s home is empty and watch for any unusual activity.

Encourage neighbours to take action if milk and mail seems to be building up on a neighbour's doorstep.

Encourage neighbours to avoid helping burglars: for example, reminding them to never leave ladders or wheelie bins where opportunist thieves can use them to gain entry.

Encourage people how to protect their property, for example, by using security lights outside and timers on lights inside if your home is empty.

Encourage your neighbours to help one another, perhaps by putting a car on their driveway

Circulate advice from Essex Police, for example, reminding people to ensure that all doors and windows are properly locked, especially the new PVC ones. (Ensure you push the handle up and turn the key; as these are often only partially locked and thieves know this and focus on them.)

Help elderly and vulnerable people by letting them know what is happening in your area.  They need to know about distraction burglars and bogus police officers and if they live alone, help from Neighbourhood Watch members can be a life line.

Help everyone feel a little bit safer, knowing there are neighbours out there who care enough to dial 999 or 101, when something is going on!

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